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Biographies and Commentaries on Swedenborg
The True Story of Johnny Appleseed

The Ture Story of Johnny Appleseed - Ophia D. Smith

This beautifully illustrated book presents the real life of John Chapman, whom Americans know as "Johnny Appleseed." A businessman who believed in spreading the Word as he spread his apple seeds, Johnny emerges as a dedicated conservationist, as well as a peacemaker and itinerant preacher. ---Ophia D. Smith (1891-1994), wrote a series of articles on the New Jerusalem Church and early churchmen for The Ohio State Archeological and Historical Quarterly and was co-author of a biography of Col. John H. James, founder of Urbana University.


Johnny Appleseed- the real man behind the legend- is little known, and many even believe him to be a mythic figure. Yet John "Appleseed" Chapman (1774-1845) was a real-life person, whose renown reached legendary proportions. He lived in harmony in his wilderness environment, at peace with Native American tribes, and so in tune with the animal kingdom that he earned the nick-name "St. Francis of the Frontier". He was a canny, if unconventional, businessman, who sold apple tree seedlings and apples to pioneers.
His great love was for Emanuel Swedenborg's works about Heaven, and he esteemed them so highly that he undertook, at his own expense, to circulate copies and parts of copies among the pioneers as he traversed the territories in which he worked. Johnny would enter settlements waving chapters from Swedenborg's books, cheerfully calling out, "Good News Fresh from Heaven"

Ophia D. Smiths classic and succinct biographical essay is here offered with an abundance of charming illustrations of the text.


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