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Information Swedenborg does not sell books but we are delighted to offer this presentation of the Writings of Swedenborg, New Church Publications and other inspirational Literature for your perusal.


You Can purchase the books displayed on this website by visiting the online Book Stores of the Swedenborg Foundation or the New Church Bookstore.
Creative Fiction and Literature

The Wanderers - Naomi Gladish Smith

The Wanderers - Naomi Gladish Smith

Maggie Stevens, a former world-class gymnast, first awakens in a hospital bed, she is amazed that her body is pain-free. After all, she fell off a balance beam during a competition and crashed head-first onto the auditorium floor. What Maggie doesn't at first realize is that the hospital is like no place on earth. She meets other newly arrived "patients": Kate Douglas, a no-nonsense academic who suffered a heart attack; Ryan James, a handsome musician, who is recovering from a motorcycle crash; Frank Chambers, an ex-cop from Chicago, and Patrick Riley, a church organist, both of whom arrived from a Swiss cancer clinic; and Claire and Swen, a young couple running away from the army.

When they all learn that they didn't recover from their illnesses and injuries, they go on an adventure to discover the nature of their new reality. Each must discover that their earthly choices and intentions paved the way for their final destination. Those who were enchanted by Naomi Gladish Smith's first "Swedenborgian" novel, The Arrivals, also available from the Swedenborg Foundation (0-87785-313-4), will be delighted with this latest otherworldly novel. 

" An eye-opening journey to heaven. This extraordinary story could be a life-changing read for many by impacting the way we perform here on earth." ---Judy Voss, author of More Joy Than Sorrow..
"This book is a heart-warming contribution to our ideas ... and enlightening spiritual dimensions that are not so far away."---Steve Hammons, author Mission Into Light
". . . a highly entertaining mixture of Emanuel Swedenborg and Rod Serling."----Vaishali, author of You Are What You Love

Paperback: 255 pages
Publisher: Chrysalis Books (2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0877853223
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.8 inches
Shipping Weight: .5 Kg


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