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Information Swedenborg does not sell books but we are delighted to offer this presentation of the Writings of Swedenborg, New Church Publications and other inspirational Literature for your perusal.


You Can purchase the books displayed on this website by visiting the online Book Stores of the Swedenborg Foundation or the New Church Bookstore.
Life after death and the Spiritual World according to Swedenborg
COnversations with Angels

Conversations with Angels - Leonard Fox and Donald L. Rose

It has pleased the Lord to ... open the interiors of my mind or spirit, whereby I have been permitted to be in the spiritual world with angels, and at the same time in the natural world with people, and this now [has happened for] twenty-seven years. This remarkable declaration by Emanuel Swedenborg-eighteenth-century scientist, statesman, and visionary-sets the stage for this collection of angelic encounters. Throughout the final twenty-seven years of his life, Swedenborg explored the realms of heaven and hell and spoke with angels about the nature of life after death, discussed with newly arrived spirits their misconceptions about the afterlife, and debated with devils or spirits from hell.

As an Enlightenment scholar, Swedenborg recorded these encounters, attesting to God's will that humanity might know the truth of eternal life.

These narratives, translated by Swedenborgian scholars David Gladish and Jonathan Rose, have been selected from three of Swedenborg's works, Conjugial Love, Apocalypse Revealed and True Christian Religion and have been arranged by theme. Swedenborg's conversations with angels startle the reader with insights into the reality of the spiritual world.


Conversations with Angels-back cover Features:
Preface by Donald L Rose
Introduction by Leonard Fox
I. Setting the Record Straight
II. Finding Your Path
III. The Marriage of True Minds
IV Eternal Rest?
V. Spiritual Essence
VI. The Source

Paperback: 158 pages
Publisher: Chrysalis Books (October 1996)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0877851778
ISBN-13: 978-0877851776
Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 7.1 x 0.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces


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