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Thoughts on Marriage

Thoughts on Marriage

Some people succeed in marriage and some people fail. In recent years with the rise in the divorce rate, men and women everywhere have begun to wonder what elements combine to form happy relationships, and to speculate as to the best preparation people might undergo before marriage. With these questions in mind, we approached the compilation of this pamphlet. Didn't it make sense, we asked ourselves, to seek the ideas of apparently happy couples with the hope that useful suggestions might emerge? What we received proved to be fascinating reading, and, although we didn't always agree with the ideas expressed, we sensed the usefulness of including a wide variety of responses.

We hope that the ideas here will not only help you achieve a living relationship with your husband or wife, but that they will encourage the kind of discussion between the two of you that leads to deeper and more thoughtful communication. The communication we establish between ourselves and God is really the crux of the marriage challenge, for in looking outside ourselves for guidance and support we can gain the insight and strength to fight the selfishness which destroys marriage. Although we often associate communication between us and the Lord with prayer and individual study, sermons, and religious classes, He certainly uses other means. We ought not, therefore, discount those channels He uses to reach us through others. Many of the suggestions in this pamphlet are basic and practical while others are more philosophically-oriented. In some we hope you will hear the Lord speaking directly to you. May you find the hope, inspiration, and knowledge to continue in your marriage so that it becomes a relationship of joy, mutual trust, and deep friendship. From the Forward

A small easy to read pamphlet style booklet
A delightful compilation of reflections and thoughts from different people. Singles and couples

Paperback: 45 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x .25 inches
Shipping Weight: .74 g



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