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Information Swedenborg does not sell books but we are delighted to offer this presentation of the Writings of Swedenborg, New Church Publications and other inspirational Literature for your perusal.


You Can purchase the books displayed on this website by visiting the online Book Stores of the Swedenborg Foundation or the New Church Bookstore.
New Century Editions
Secrets of Heaven -Hardcover

Secrets pf Heaven

The first and largest published theological works by Emanuel Swedenborg, Secrets of Heaven reveals the hidden meaning of Genesis and Exodus and also the wonders of heaven and the chaos of hell....To peruse the pages of Secrets of Heaven is to make a spiritual journey with one of the most remarkable visionaries the Western world has ever produced. Emanuel Swedenborg guides us through Scripture, specifically through the verses of Genesis and Exodus.

From deep within the Bible, he uncovers the hidden meaning of these books, revealing evidence, for example, of emotional and mental trials that Jesus underwent during his life on earth. He also reveals the mysteries of the afterlife and the angelic welcome and process of self-discovery that await us after we die. Translator Lisa Hyatt Cooper has produced a fresh and vibrant render of this spiritual classic. Wouter J. Hanegraaff, professor of History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents at the University Of Amsterdam, provides an introduction that relates the work to the context of its times; and renowned Swedenborg scholar William Ross Woofenden supplies an overview of the work in the context of Swedenborg's other works. See item number 978-0-087785-486-9 for Secrets of Heaven in a deluxe hardcover! "With regard to Swedenborg's Secrets of Heaven, there never was a time more pressing than now to understand that the internal spiritual meaning of the Christian Bible refers not to the special dispensation of one sect, but to the evolution of a higher spiritual consciousness within each individual." ---Eugene Taylor, Ph.D., director of the Cambridge Institute of Psychology and Religion.

Secrets of Heaven Vol. 1 Hardback Features:
Also available in Paper back

Paperback: 650 pages
Publisher: Swedenborg Foundation (Pending 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0877855048


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