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Information Swedenborg does not sell books but we are delighted to offer this presentation of the Writings of Swedenborg, New Church Publications and other inspirational Literature for your perusal.


You Can purchase the books displayed on this website by visiting the online Book Stores of the Swedenborg Foundation or the New Church Bookstore.
New Century Editions
Divine Love and Wisdom and Divine Providence

Divine Love and Wisdom / Divine Providence

"The latest translation from the New Century Edition, this deluxe hardcover edition features two of Swedenborg's classic works in one volume. Divine Love and Wisdom and Divine Providence describe in vivid detail the universal spiritual laws that shape the world and our lives and provide unique and often surprising answers to age-old questions about the nature of God, the universe, and the inner self. Introductions by Dr. Gregory R. Johnson and annotations by translator George F. Dole, Johnson, and other scholars of Swedenborg, supported by several complete indexes provide readers with wide paths of access to these remarkable works.

Swedenborg presents a vision of a universe so full of Divinity that there is no room for sectarianism. He reaches out to the secular mind with a vision of order and beauty pregnant with meaning and direction and appeals to human experience and reflection (rather than scriptural interpretation) in making the case for the presence of God's love and wisdom. It is not just that there is a purpose underlying creation; it is that we share in that purpose and are essential to its fulfillment. From God's infinite love and wisdom to our own individual desires and perceptions, there is an underlying unity on which we can rely. In Divine Providence, the sequel to Divine Love and Wisdom, the focus is directed toward earth, at a world so troubled that the loving hand of God is often hidden from our sight and brought into question. How can we believe in the goodness and power of God when we constantly see injustice and war? The answers that are offered turn us toward a deeper understanding of our own human nature and process. For better or for worse, we do make a difference, and heavenly community is not beyond our reach. Only divine love and wisdom can provide us with the accountability that gives meaning to our lives.

Two of Swedenborg's most influential books bound together in a handsome crafted volume at the attractive price of $49.00
Introduction by Gregory R. Johnson
Two complete NCE Volumes annotated and Indexed

Hardcover: 736 pages
Publisher: Swedenborg Foundation (April 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0-87785-480-7
ISBN-13: 978-0877854807
Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.7 pounds


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