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Information Swedenborg does not sell books but we are delighted to offer this presentation of the Writings of Swedenborg, New Church Publications and other inspirational Literature for your perusal.


You Can purchase the books displayed on this website by visiting the online Book Stores of the Swedenborg Foundation or the New Church Bookstore.
Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

Channels of Spiritual Strength

Channels of Spiritual Strength

Originally published in 1814 this classic by one of the New church's pioneers endures today a century and a half after it's original appearance. Clowes, an Anglican cleric was well versed in the spiritual literature of his day, but lamented it's inability to tell him "what to do with my hands and feet...for the religion they teach is an abstract contemplative religion which does not descend into the ordinary uses of life." This present work, published twice by the author and a third time the year of his death, is itself a sort of tribute to this utilitarian insight of the remarkable Mr. Clowes. This book attempts to explain and define what is meant by spiritual channels. John Clowes writes in his introductory paragraph "The first and most obvious question to ask is What do we mean by channel or means? A preliminary answer would be something which can connect one thing to another, making it possible for them to communicate or be joined. If such means or channels were not available, no communication would be possible." Clowes continues throughout his book to discuss the many different ways in which channels are conveyed and what forms they take on.

Paperback: 178 Pages
ISBN-10: 0731673115
ISBN-13: 978-0731673117
Product Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5 X .5 inches
Shipping Weight: .25 Kg



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