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Swedenborg Information of Canada – www.swedenborg.ca



Swedenborg Information of Los Angeleswww.candacefrazee.com



Articles, Essays & Digital Resources

New Church Perspective – Essays written by lay persons and pastors on various topics  http://www.newchurchperspective.com/

Swedenborg Digital Library – http://www.swedenborgdigitallibrary.org/index.html

Swedenborg’s Writings – Searchable site of all the spiritual works of Swedenborg in both the original Latin and English translations.  http://www.theheavenlydoctrines.org/dtSearch.html

Spiritual Wisdom – Using the insights of Emanuel Swedenborg to help explain the meaning of lifehttp://www.spiritualwisdom.org.uk/

The Swedenborg Movement – Articles on personal growth, emotional problems, social issues etc from a Swedenborgian perspective. The Swedenborg movement is based in the U.K.  http://www.swedenborgmovement.org/

Not Necessarily Friday Class on Facebook – Reviving the Swedenborgian tradition of regular spiritual instruction in a like-minded community with weekly podcasts.                                                                            http://www.facebook.com/pages/Not-Necessarily-Friday-Class/128827080495605?v=info

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Book Ordering

Swedenborg Foundation Publishers (US) – book ordering – http://www.swedenborg.com

Fountain Publishing – (US) http://www.fountainpublishing.com/

The Swedenborg Society (UK) – Books, events, news – http://www.swedenborg.org.uk/

Swedenborg Lending Library and Enquiry Centre (AU) – http://www.swedenborg.com.au/

Wayfarers Chapel

Swedenborgian Organizations & Resources

New Church Live (based in PA, USA) A contemporary live & virtual church centered around community – http://www.newchurchlive.tv/

Swedenborg Seekers Book Club – A casual, social and spiritually stimulating group for people interested writings of Emanuel Swedenborg promoted and run via Meetup.com – members attend in person and by Skype.  http://www.meetup.com/Kitchener-Swedenborg-Seekers-Book-Club/

Swedenborg Library of Bryn Athyn College – The Swedenborg Library in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania is one of the world’s most extensive Swedenborg library and archival collections. http://www.brynathyn.edu/academics/swedenborg-library

The New Church – main site (based in PA, USA) with links to worldwide locations & resources  http://www.newchurch.org/

Locations – http://www.newchurch.org/locations/directory/index.html

Swedenborg Association of Australia Inc. – Information, lectures and book sales in Australia http://www.swedenborg.com.au/

New Church Books & Media – http://www.newchurch.org/materials/books-and-media.html

New Church Audio Resources – Downloadable audio sermons & talks http://www.newchurchaudio.org/index.html

Resources & Sermons – Printable sermons, talks & classes http://www.newchurch.org/materials/sermons-talks-classes/text-sermons

New Church Daily Inspiration – Subscribe to receive a quote from the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg each day in your email inbox.  http://lists.newchurch.org/mailman/listinfo/dailyinspiration

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