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Core Principles Revealed through Swedenborg’s Writings

  • There is One God – the “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” are the Lord’s soul, body and saving work.
  • God is never angry and never stops loving us; He offers us His Mercy and countless ways to grow from our mistakes.
  • Heaven is populated by real people who have lived on earth and have freely chosen to love and serve the Lord and their neighbour, no matter what religion they were.
  • We can experience heavenly happiness here on earth by acting from love and by being useful to society.
  • Every person, regardless of religion, is saved (by their own choice) who acknowledges the Lord and lives well.
  • Religion harmonizes with common sense, and doesn’t need to be a mystery.
  • The term ‘Church’ refers not to a building, but to the state within one individual or many where God and His Word is loved, understood, and lived.
  • True faith is understanding the Lord’s Word and living by The Ten Commandments.
  • Marriage love is a spiritual union between a husband and a wife for eternity.
  • The stories of the Bible have a deeper meaning hidden within the literal words which relate to our spiritual journey through life.


The Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg explain the Lord in His Second Coming, which is the revelation of the hidden meanings in the Bible. In April, 1744, Swedenborg first starting seeing “into” the spiritual world. He said he was “visited” by the Lord and told he was going to be able to see into the next life while still alive in this world in order to record and experience all the realms of heaven, hell, and the world of spirits. Over a span of more than 28 years, Swedenborg did just that.

“And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man, and they shall see Him coming in the clouds of heaven with vigour and glory.” Matthew 24: 30

This prophecy is not, as many believe to be, that God would come again as Christ in human form, but rather, in the form of a spiritual unveiling of the hidden meanings contained within the Bible. Swedenborg is NOT the Second Coming of Christ. The secrets hidden in the Bible are.
These secrets, unknown to most, tell of the historical events, places and inhabitants of the
spiritual world; revealing reports on the nature of life and the life after death; the process of
dying and awakening in the next life; the spiritual meaning of the Bible; the importance of
meaningful activity in life; marriage love and family; as well as the cause and effect of all
damaging and beneficial social interactions and relationships. Enlightenment given through
these ‘Heavenly Secrets’ can give us a foundation of sensible faith to aid our life and prepare us
for our life in the spiritual world.

No longer do questions of God, faith, and the afterlife have to remain a mystery, as all the
answers reside within the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, “Servant of the Lord” as he signed
some of his books.


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