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Swedenborg - Biographical Studies

Biographical Studies

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By numerous accounts, Swedenborg is one of the most fascinating and enigmatic people who ever lived. He was a man of admirable and congenial character whose prolific accomplishments and capacities practically defy any traditional categorical attempt to explain the phenomenon of his life and work. While considered by others to be a "colossus" and "a representative man", He considered himself to be a servant of the Lord, motivated to bring the spiritual meaning of the Word into the intellectual grasp of the human mind that had become closed to the essential Truths of Faith and Charity. These biographical studies shed light on the man and his work from a variety of perspectives, assisting the reader to make up his or her own mind on the validity and the value of Swedenborg's contribution to our spiritual welfare.


New Century Editions - Swedenborg
New Century Editions
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The New Century Edition volumes are complete with a translator's preface, introduction, scholarly notes, table of parallel passages, index of Scripture reference and index to the translation. Other Translations are available in the Section "Theological Writings."


Essential and Introductory Material
Essential and Introductory

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Swedenborg wrote a truly amazing number of books, dealing with such a wide range of subjects that often seem so vast and all-encompassing; it can be difficult to know where to begin. Each of us comes into our spiritual awareness in a unique way, and the answers we seek can be equally unique to what motivates our desire to learn and grow. Some desire to know about what happens after death, others yearn to truly understand the meaning of the Word, and still others are looking for explanations of the nature of life that will help them to understand their own experience. For those who want to live a life destined for Heaven, whether our idea of spiritual life relates to the hereafter or the here-and-now, we have assembled a collection of books, written by Swedenborg and others inspired by his thought that will help the new or first-time reader. These works will open the door to the paths that lead to the deeper truths that wait to serve our developing understanding and our capacity to live a life of true faith and genuine charity.



Life after Death and the Spiritual World according toe Swedenborg

Life after Death and the Spiritual World according to Swedenborg



When God breathed the breath of life into man, making him a living soul, was this a temporary gift enabling a human being to live only a temporal existence? Swedenborg shows us that, although we are finite beings, because we are spiritual creations, we were given life by the Lord to live to eternity. What happens after the death of the body? What is the nature of the spiritual life that we will live in the spiritual world? These are questions that have perplexed the minds of all human beings, even those who believe in an "afterlife", but who don't have any real understanding of what it is. Swedenborg gives clear answers about the spiritual nature of our lives in this world and the lives we will live to eternity.



Swedenbog's Theological Writings


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Swedenborg's Theological writings are the most fascinating and instructive keys to understanding the Lord's revelation that have ever been written. Many of the principle works were published by Swedenborg anonymously, as he referred to himself simply as "A servant of the Lord Jesus Christ." Though he wrote extensively and unceasingly during the latter decades of his life, he neither sought a following for himself nor made the slightest effort to found a denominational church based on his teachings. He understood that a person's conscience cannot be bound by arbitrariness or dogmatism and that everyone must seek the truth that they love, for loving the Lord's truth is to love the Lord himself. In Swedenborg's Writings the Lord of Heaven is revealed, fully God and fully human, so that we can approach Him and know Him. Here you will find a display of the full range of Swedenborg's Theological Writings available in a variety of translations and editions for the seeker of Spiritual wisdom and freedom.


Swedenborg Studies Series
Studies Series

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A series of academic publications aimed at providing sound and enduring scholarship on subjects pertaining to Swedenborg's writings and influence.

Spiritual Growth and Personal Development - Swedenborg
Spiritual Growth and
Personal Development

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We present numerous Studies and Devotionals that aim to assist us in our spiritual regeneration through meditative approaches and frank discussion about the areas of our experience where we desire change and growth. The Writings of Swedenborg contain powerful insights from the Word to help us overcome compulsive behaviour and temptations, to find balance in our relationships, to understand our emotions and where negative feelings come from. These truths help us to confront the spiritual "tares" and "weeds" in our lives. With a better understanding of our spiritual natures and our regeneration, we can be better equipped to cooperate willingly and more effectively with the Lord's providence in our lives to overcome our faults and weaknesses. We can dispose ourselves to a greater reception of the happiness the Lord intends for us, as we work with him "as of ourselves" in the process or our regeneration.



Philisophical Perspectives - Swedenborg


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"Philosophy is an attempt to think without arbitrariness or dogmatism about the fundamental issues."---William James The fundamental questions or issues of Life and Existence have been addressed throughout the ages from a variety of perspectives; from Transcendentalism to Materialism, from Idealism to Skepticism. For the average person, these complex and competing systems of thought often seem perplexing or even unapproachable. Yet the exercise of our reason is a principle feature of our humanity, and inseparable from the exercise of our will. Wisdom itself flows from God, and a perception of the truth that can be applied to a life of use is a means toward genuine happiness. Swedenborg reminds us that the life of Religion is to do what is good, and that Spiritual Wisdom is an instrument of genuine charity. We offer a number of books that relate to the Philosophical problems that occupied the minds of thinking people in Swedenborg's day and our own.



Psychological Perspectives - Swedenborg

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What is mind? What is identity? What is the nature and meaning of our individual experience? Why do I feel sorrowful sometimes without really understanding why? How can I be happy? Where does true Happiness come from? Questions from our personal and common experience often go unanswered in the rapid flow of life, only to come back to us when the need for answers is stronger or unavoidable. An understanding of the purpose and interaction of our Cognitive and Affective life, and the influences that affect them, helps us to understand our spiritual identity. Swedenborg and those who have searched his Writings looking for answers to these and other life issues can help us with our own questions.



Love and Marriage - Swedenborg

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The greatest of the Lord's gifts to the human race is the sacred and spiritual union of a man and a woman in a faithful relationship that endures to eternity. For Marriage love is eternal, sourced directly from the fountain of the Lord's Love and Wisdom. The spiritual delights of Marriage Love are "Innocence, Peace, Tranquility, Full confidence, inmost Friendship and a mutual desire to do each other every good." We can understand the reality of spiritual love provided by the Lord's teachings. The truth that can enable us in our efforts is available, to help us overcome the conflicts and bring us nearer to the fruitful and happy experience of our partnerships that the Lord intended for every man and woman in a loving spiritual union. We offer a variety of books on the subject of Marriage to help husbands and wives to work effectively and cooperatively, from a spiritual understanding in this most intimate sphere of their lives.


Religion , Science and Natural History - Swedenborg
Religion, Science
& Natural history
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Is there a correspondence or relationship between the materials and operations of Nature, in their multiple forms and variety that unites Nature with a Spiritual reality which preceded and transcends Nature? Swedenborg was a prolific and accomplished scientist whose discoveries in numerous disciplines, including cosmology and anatomy are still cited in textbooks today. In Swedenborg's spiritual cosmology the broken and seemingly irreconcilable bonds between faith and reason, science and religion and the other perplexing dichotomies that daunt the modern mind are reunited and restored in an interdependent and harmonious relationship between the spiritual and the natural. We offer works by Swedenborg and other modern scientific thinkers examining the spiritual cosmology described by Swedenborg's Writings in the context of modern scientific theories.


Creative Fiction and Literature - Swedenborg
Creative Fiction & Literature
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It is hard to summarize a list of writers who have been influenced by Swedenborg's teachings. Such a list, if it could be thoroughly compiled would include poets, novelists, artists, philosophers and an array of creative and original thinkers from Jung to Grudjieff, from Dostoevsky to Coleridge, from Blake to Whitman. Our aim is not to make classic works available that can be obtained readily elsewhere, but there is a body of specifically Swedenborgian fiction, both current and enduring, that contains essential reflections of deep spiritual truths, preserved in the traditional vehicle of the "story." We have assembled a number of new and well know works of Swedenborgian fiction, including a series of readers, containing stories, poems and reflections which address a variety of themes that are sure to enlighten as well as entertain.

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